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As I continue to work on my new website, blog and branding, I keep going back to the archives to the photo shoots I did early in my career.  That’s where I am most inspired.  Before the props, before being obsessed with perfection and posing perfect groupings, before I learned all the rules.  Back when I was shooting images purely to capture joy!  Now that I know the rules, I must break them!

It’s my hope that when you look at the images we created for your family,  you are reminded of all the love and fun from the day.  Not a stressed out day where no one wanted to sit and smile at the camera.   By centering your photo shoot around something your family loves to do together will help everyone relax and have a good time.  As the fun unfolds, I’m there just to capture the moments for you.  If you are thinking of booking a family photo session with me this summer, think about what you love to do with your kids.  Do you love to hunt for sea glass at the beach, hike with the dogs, feed the ducks at the park?  What family activities bring you the most joy?

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This session was quite a few years ago.  But since I am rebuilding my blog and it’s communion season, I wanted to share these with you.   I remember this was such a cold day and our little model was such a trooper!   The skies were cloudy too, but the light was perfect for an on location session.  We kept her winter coat on her in between poses and headed out to the hall where she was going to have her communion party the following week.  It was a beautiful spot, even though it was so early in the season.  Great idea, Mom!! We created a memory keepsake box for her to keep images as well as other keepsakes from her First Holy Communion Day.

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Not a true “lifestyle” photo shoot, but more of a styled portrait session.  For these sessions, we really want to plan a look and select outfits accordingly.  Planning outfits is such an important part of your session.  The right clothes can really enhance your images.  It can be overwhelming when you first set out.  But, I am here to help you!  When you book your session, I will guide you on what to wear. Take a peek at my “What to Wear”  Pinterest boards.  Text me images of the clothes or schedule an appointment and we can work through it together with what you have in your closet.

Please, no matching outfits.  We don’t normally go out as a family all wearing the same shirts, right?  We do want the colors and tones to match, as well as the style and look.  Note how all the boys here are wearing similar colors, and how the red pops against the neutral background.  I suggest picking one favorite clothing item and building around the colors found in that piece.  Here it was the red and blue plaid jacket.




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I have done quite a bit of work with my fellow photographer and friend, Marjorie Raggo of GLAM studios.  I love to work in her studio with all her fashion and flare!   I learned much about fashion and glamour posing from Marjorie and her style inspires me.  If you have a chance, go take a peek at her work over at  www.glamstudiosnj.com.  My “GLAM” specialty is maternity and family, of course.   Specifically, mother and daughter sessions.  Mothers, Sisters, Grandmothers, daughters should all come together for generations portrait.  So often, we moms, are the photographers and family historians and are left out of the family photo album.   I invite you to come to my studio, in Point Pleasant NJ with your mom, your daughters, your sisters and even best friend to enjoy a day of hair, makeup and fun to create some heirloom portraits for the generations to enjoy.  Photography: April Narby   /  Hair and Makeup:  Andreai Jani

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